Our Service

We carefully designed various flexible projects with simplicity in mind.
Services Company offered

We offer Geotechnical /Environmental engineering solutions for Building and Civil Engineering works in all aspects of Structural, Environmental and Foundation Design and Construction involving:

  • Specialized Technical assistance for the construction of building and civil Engineering works including Soil investigation for Building, Bridge, Tower Foundations; Road and Airfield Pavement Testing and design; Concrete and steel strictures, General Repair, Demolishing, Partition/interior Refurbishment, fabrication and Erection of Masts & Towers for Telecommunication-Transmission. Civil works on Roads- Airports-Harbor, Hydro-Water supply, and Oil wells and Pipe Lines etc
  • Engineering Enhancement of Mechanical and chemical stability to Geo-materials to increase Bearing capacity and resist Lateral displacement.
  • Conduct Topographical site survey and mapping.


  • Geotechnical and Material testing and mineral prospecting.
  • Trial pitting and Hand Auguring, Rotary & percussion boring and Rock Coring, Water table monitoring and Grouting
  • Field testing-DCP, LDCP, HDCP, SPT, Vane shear, Plate Loading, in-situ CBR, In-Situ permeability. Packer test etc
  • Piling of bored, driven, rake piles and Testing. Construction and making starter bar
  • Locating, surveying and sampling for suitable Material sites for Gravel and Rock Quarry.
  • Site conductivity / ground resistivity tests
  • Conduct Topographical site survey and mapping.


For old concrete by NDT and coring, chemical composition analysis, of existing Asphalt, Surface inspection, bumps/depressions, coring, marshal &Extraction, Testing of Anchor bolts & Nuts, Tensile, proof load, size &Yield point etc


Curry out various laboratory tests and analyses to assist interpret the influence of the material properties to the intended development and hence ensure safe and quality construction practices. We also curry out concrete and asphalt design and offer monitoring and control to meet material standards, such tests and designs are inclusive but not limited of the following: –

  • Soil Classification tests, Compaction tests such as modified protector tests and California Bearing Ration, bearing capacity & Shear strength tests Strength tests such as Undrained Uniaxial compression triaxial tests, Undrained compression triaxial tests, Quick –Undrained triaxial compression tests and direct shear tests, Rock Trixial Consolidation tests, permeability tests and Chemical analysis tests among others.
  • Standard test for all materials for concrete design and works
  • Concrete mix designs for all classes 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, & 60.
  • Standard test for all materials for Asphalt concrete design and works.
  • Asphalt Concrete mix designs for, Normal Asphalt designs, Super Pave designs, Modified Polymer Bitumen, SBS – Bituminous Base Course and Stone Mastic Asphalt Designs (SMA).
  • Implementation and supervising all Trials as Per the Designs. Monitoring and controlling the asphalt /Concrete Batching Plants operations, materials standard tests.


  • For Pavement, and fresh concrete including casting, Mix Design & Compressive strength additives etc.
  • Fresh Asphalt analysis including making Marshall Specimen, Mix Design & Extraction.
    None Destructive Testing of existing structure
  • Environmental Audit for Contamination / Pollution-Erodibility etc and Reporting
    Water and Effluent Chemical and Bacteriological analysis- Mineral, Heavy metal, salt and Water Test